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How to define the bookmark list

Bookmarks are saved locations on the map. They appear as pins placed on the background map. When a bookmark is touched a bookmark info tip appears showing the location details, description and severity/priority. This information can also be edited through this widget. The list of all bookmarks can be invoked from the corner menus.

The following example shows how to define a list of bookmarks.

GisInterfaceMgr bgm = GisInterfaceMgr.Instance;

List<Bookmark> bookmarks = new List<Bookmark>();

Bookmark tt1 = new Bookmark(-114.165225251302, 51.0199795790397, -114.149512923988, 51.0355755135701, "Out of order lights", "0006780", Bookmark.BookmarkPriority.High);

Bookmark tt2 = new Bookmark(-114.146822616181, 51.1247138317455, -114.12585847052, 51.1364297207226, "Repair Transformer", "0006889", Bookmark.BookmarkPriority.Medium);

Bookmark tt3 = new Bookmark(-114.05252218858, 51.1188308476309, -114.031558073198, 51.130546736608, "Svc Request", "0009189", Bookmark.BookmarkPriority.Low);


The constructor of the Bookmark class takes as arguments the following:
  • MinX: x coordinate of the minimum map point (latitude)
  • MinY: y coordinate of the minimum map point (longitude)
  • MaxX: x coordinate of the maximum map point (latitude)
  • MaxY: y coordinate of the maximum map point (longitude)
  • Description: Description of the bookmark location
  • ID: Unique identifier
  • Priority: Low, Medium or High which will change the color of the pin on the map

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