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The extraction process...


An example for extracting a component:

The following diagram represents a portion of the design of eGrid (first application) BEFORE any extraction is done. All the classes are in the user interface layer of eGrid.
Since part of the implementation was done using a markup language (i.e. XAML not C# code), mock versions of these classes were created to facilitate the creation of acceptance tests.
The functionality is preserved between the mock under test and the original user control. The example will focus on the MapFrame user interface component and the extraction steps are applied iteratively on each component to be extracted.


The following figure explains how the acceptance tests of eGrid and eWell interact with the class and mock classes in the implementation of eGrid.


The following figure shows the final state after extracting the MapFrame component and adding it to the API. The MapFrame class and its associated Mock class and test is moved into an API layer and used from there in both eGrid and eWell.


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