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  • Allows the user application to have a background map, the size of the screen, and be able to adjust its location, and orientation.
  • Allows the user application to select from a set of predefined published map services (map layers) or specify other published services.
  • Provides the possibility of adding 1/4 pie corner menus to the application, with functions such as Layers Configuration manager, Bookmark lists, and Exit.
  • The API allows the application to specify bookmarks which will be marked on the background map using pins. Bookmarks have different severities and/or priorities and a list of all of them can be shown from the corner menu functions.
  • On top of the background map, a lasso gesture can be used to create a lens (a small map frame which includes the contents of the lasso). The map in the frame can be manipulated using simple gestures for panning and zooming.
  • The map frame includes a set of annotation tools which can be used on the map using finger touches.
  • The map frame has an associated ghost frame which marks the location of the map inside the frame on the background map. Moving the ghost frame on the background map pans the map inside the map frame.

Sample Snapshots


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